About WIP

Australia's premier Japanese car show

In the beginning…

All Japan Day started back in 2008 when a core group of motoring enthusiasts realised that car show culture was becoming so competitive that many types of vehicles were being overlooked by larger car show events. Worse still, the community events that enabled like-minded car lovers to catch up and chat about their cars were beginning to disappear as the popularity of larger, more professional events grew in popularity.

The solution? Create an event that was as simple and cheap as possible, and give car owners the opportunity to show off their rides, regardless of how weird and wonderful they are. The event has been held on grass at Wigley Reserve, Glenelg, ever since, with entrants charged a nominal fee and spectators given free entry. Such has been the popularity of the event that over 500 cars regularly attend All Japan Day in March each year, with all profits raised donated to charity.


The new era

The organising committee had become increasingly aware that many of the All Japan Day entrants had since moved on to other performance or enthusiast vehicles over time, with European marques proving especially popular.

As such, the demand for a similar show for European cars effectively created itself. The All Euro Day event completely mirrors All Japan Day in terms of venue and layout, but with a wide variety of incredible European vehicles on display. It is now held in late November each year, and it is hoped that, over time, it will achieve similar success to All Japan Day.