Australia's premier Japanese car show

So you’ve read the Entrants and Spectators pages, plus the Event Regulations, and still have questions? You’ve come to the right place!

1. Can I park with my friends?

You can, if you arrive at the same time as them AND you’re allocated to the same reserve. Our larger events at Glenelg are spread across Wigley and Colley Reserves, and for various reasons we are allocating older vehicles and 4wds and motorbikes to Colley Reserve. If you receive an acceptance email confirming you and your friends are on the same reserves, you need to arrive at the same time in order to be parked next to each other. You cannot save them a spot (it will cause chaos) unfortunately but you can organise to meet nearby and then drive onto the reserve to park once you’re all together.

2. When do entries close?

When we are full! For our February event, entries do fill fast, and we’ll start making lots of noise on Facebook/Instagram when we get close to capacity. We recommend entering as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

3. I’m a photographer, can I come?

Of course! We welcome all sorts of photographers, amateur or professional. There is no need to sign up. We will do a media call out on Facebook after the event and request album links to be shared there for all to enjoy. Cars start arriving from 7am, are stationary from 10am to 3pm, and then leave again at 3pm. Some of the best shots are often taken as they leave via Colley Terrace and down Anzac Highway.

4. What about drones?

Unfortunately drones are not allowed due to local council regulation requirements.

5. I entered but haven’t heard back anything yet, what’s the deal?

As long as you received both a confirmation receipt from our email address as well as a PayPal receipt, your entry is in waiting. We are a team of volunteers and do our best to review applications as soon as possible. Acceptances typically start coming out in batches from the middle of January for our main event.

We have a high volume of entries, so there can be a significant delay between the time you enter and the time you receive a response. You may also end up on our waitlist while we consider the volume of similar entries to yours. As long as you received your confirmation receipt, everything is in order and we will assess your application as soon as possible.

6. Does my car have to be registered?

There is no requirement for cars parked at our events to be registered (and many people bring their cars on trailers, especially if their cars can’t be registered, such as track cars).

7. My car has to come on a trailer. Is that allowed?

Yes, but you will need to arrive super early (no later than 8am for AJD Glenelg) in order to be able to unload your car and then park your tow vehicle and trailer off-site (we suggest around the corner on Adelphi Terrace). Trailers are NOT permitted to remain on the reserves.

8. I just want to spectate? Can I come and how much does it cost?

Spectators are free, but we’d appreciate a gold coin donation (payable at the charity tent or the All Japan Day tent). For Glenelg, cars start arriving from 7am, with the “show” officially starting at 10am and running through until 3pm. Cars start departing at 3pm. For non-entrants, we suggest looking for parking off Adelphi Tce or along Anzac Highway.

9. Can I change reserve (Glenelg events)?

We allocate cars to specific reserves for a reason (4wds, motorbikes and older cars on Wigley Reserve and newer cars on Wigley) and therefore won’t be able to move you, it will just cause chaos. You’ll have a great time regardless of what reserve you park on – and can walk freely between reserves to meet up with your friends at any time!

10. Will there be food and beverages for sale?

YES! Lots! We try to make sure there’s 4 or 5 food vans per reserve, plus a BBQ on Wigley Reserve, so there is something for everyone! In the lead up to the event, we’ll publish the names of our food vendors for you to salivate over. Plus there’s plenty of local options including the Watermark Hotel and the Marina… or you’re welcome to bring a picnic!